She Said She Said - Lennon/McCartney

Reviewed by Geoff Emerick, in Here, there, and everywhere:

p. 130: It wasn't until the very end, when most of Revolver was mixed and ready to be mastered, that someone realized that the album was a song short. The LPs of that era were a lot more concise than today's CDs, but if they were too short, there would be complaints - or worse yet, returns - from consumers. Not only was there a release date set, and a hungry public clamoring to hear the finished album, but the Beatles were booked to begin a European tour just days after the sessions ended, so there was no time to spare.
So on the next-to-last night, after we had all spent a full day mixing, Mal and Neil reappeared with the band's equipment and the group began frantically rehearsing John's new song "She Said, She Said." John had always been the basher in the group - his attitude was "Let's just get it done" - so it was no big surprise that we got the entire song recorded and mixed in nine hours, as opposed to the more than three days we spent on "Here, There and Everywhere." Still, he made the group run through the song dozens of times before he was satisfied with the final result. For all of that, it still sounds scrappy and rough to me, it's got the ragged feel of a track that was done in the middle of the night, under pressure. The next day we staggered in for another five hours of mixing and sequencing, and the album was done.

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