She Said She Said - Lennon/McCartney

Mark Lewisohn, in The Complete Beatles Recording Session:

Tuesday 21 June 1966. An exceptionally hectic day completing Revolver, with the taping of the album's 14th and final track plus mono and stereo mixing galore.

The new song, John's She Said She Said, was untitled at the beginning of the recording session but titled by the end. The lyric recounted the story of an LSD drug trip John had experienced with actor Peter Fonda. With such lyrics as
...who put all those things in your head
things that make me feel like I'm mad
And you're making me feel like I've never been born

it is a wonder that the public at large did not realise that substances other than blood were now coursing through the Beatle veins.But it was to remain ignorant for another year, at least.

It took just shy of nine hours to record She Said She Said, the group spending most of the time rehearsing through at least 25 takes. Then the recording proper began, with three takes of the rhythm track (in this instance drums, bass and two guitars). Take three was the 'best' so the lead voal (John) and backing (John and George) were overdubbed onto this. A reduction mix vacated one of the four tracks where an additional guitar and organ part (played by John) were soon taped. The song now complete, three mono remixes were done, though none made it onto the finished album - that was remix four, from 22 June.

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